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International marketing shouldn’t be a guessing game. 

We focus on strong ROI measurement + optimization to make every detail of the international marketing effort accountable – no matter how wide your reach, or how big your goals. Learn more about our media expertise.

Where to begin?

We’ve paneled top global CMOs to find the Top 6 Considerations for selecting an international media planning partner:

6 Considerations for Selecting an International Media Planning Partner


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Above all else…

We are specialists in international media planning and buying above all else. Our #1 task is to eliminate complexity in international marketing.

How? We streamline strategy, and we certainly streamline budgets. Let us help guide your next global media venture with a free consultation. Contact us to get started.

A Global Media Planning Partner

Criterion Global has the experience and the scope to reach a multinational and multi-lingual audience. As global media planning partner to brands around the world, we manage media planning with centralized, focused strategy teams managing regional experts placed in key markets vital to our clients. Reporting and optimization is centralized and streamlined. Under even stringent time constraints, we pride ourselves in speed of implementation and efficiency in workflow. For these reasons, our clients find Criterion Global their ideal global media planning partner. Hopefully you will too.

Our offices in Miami/Americas HQ, New York, and Singapore deliver real-time data and access to regional channels, allowing us to internationally coordinate media planning for a multitude of brand partners.

We are an independent global leader, a disruptive force, and a worthy global media planning partner.

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Our blog dissects the latest phenomena in the media industry and provides a forecast of future trends. Here is a sample of the latest trends we’ve covered.